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Welcome to the UNSW Livejournal Community

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in the University of New South Wales can join. This includes potential students, current students, staff and alumni.

What can I post?
Absolutely anything that is related to UNSW or of interest to members of UNSW. Feel free to ask a question, arrange a meeting, or advertise an event.

How can I contact the moderators?
The maintainers are oceanwhore and a_life_verbatim. You may drop a note on their personal LJ's.



1. Trolling
a. Do not troll posts made by members of this community.
b. Do not insult any member of this community in a community post. Debating is encouraged, petty arguments are not.

2. Advertising
a. You may only advertise if you are promoting an event that is related to the UNSW community. This may include O-Week events, a publication, meeting, new or existing club event or parties that take place on UNSW grounds and are open to members of the UNSW community.
b. You must have permission from one of the moderaters to post any other kind of advertising. If you do not have permission to advertise your post will be deleted. See the FAQ for how you can contact the mods.


Please note that the UNSW livejournal community is in no way connected to UNSW, the UNSW Union or the Guild in any way other than the users of this community are students, staff, and alumni of UNSW.

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