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10 December 2007 @ 02:25 pm
Gday Kittens...

I have a room in a cute three bedroom cottage in Mascot available. Recently renovated, with beautiful rustic wooden floorboards. Roomy rooms, four metres by four metres, all of which are furnished apart from yours. The most exciting features in our opinion are the piano and the big backyard which is slowly evolving into a veggie garden. All set up with kitchen stuff, etc. Well connected to transport (30min bus to city, 10min to UNSW) and shops. No tv! (yes, we see that as a positive thing).

We are looking for someone to share in our striving towards a simple, ecologically friendly, low impact lifestyle. We appreciate open, creative, energetic, friendly souls who don't read the Telegraph. Someone who wants to get their hands dirty in the veggie garden would be an added bonus. Anyone, from the radical activist to someone wanting to begin greening their lifestyle is welcome. We'd like to have someone who will make it a home, not just a place to sleep. We want you! (A washing machine is a definite plus!)

Rent is $130 per week plus four weeks bond. $40 per fortnight normally covers bills (gas, green electricity, cable internet, and voip phone).

The room is available from christmas. Get in early before the pre-uni rush!

Other housemates: Tristan, 23, Student Architect, Rabid Greenie, Amateur green-thumb, port-drinker extraordinaire, passionate observer of the human condition, reluctant post-modernist searching for a metanarrative... Striving to minimse his ecological footprint and learn how to grow stuff. Philosophies include: 'free stuff tastes better,' Addictions include: Teh interwubs, music, cycling, bin diving, gardening, photography
Kelly, 21, future UTS marine biology student, and her boyfriend Hugh, 19, from Sydney, studying Enviro Science at UTS.

Anyone interested, give me a reply and we will get in contact!
Current Location: the mascot mansion
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